FJSAOA & JFASA Tournament Policy_2021FJSAOA & JFASA Tournament Policy_2021


Our Aim

• To practice Traditional Kodokan Judo (TKJ) with values such as traditions and formalities for a better education.

• Allow and encourage the integration of groundwork in competitions.

• Encourage upright Judo with normal traditional lapel sleeve hold and Shizen hontai (Basic natural posture)

• Encourage the use of “randori no contest” that is to encourage the use of Judo cunningness and skill rather than brute force.

• Simplify the contest rules of Judo, helping the competitor and the referee to further understand the concept of Traditional Judo.

• We aim to discourage negative stiff upper arms. • Stamp out leg grabbing, to dissuade holding around the neck, pulling opponent onto the mat, and dropping on both knees.

• Stamp out cheating and bar side mat coaching. • We aim to impose order to the public from unnecessary shouting and coaching.

• Our aim is to reinstate and promote Judo discipline, tradition, and formalities, treating Judo as a martial art rather than a sport

• We aim to place trust and respect back to the referee and its Judo organizations.

• Uphold the concept of Traditional Kodokan Judo (TKJ) and restore faith in our teachings.

• It is hoped that all WJF countries adopt and accept a contest system that is of tradition and value; a) it raises the standard and expectations of Judo as taught by Professor Jigoro Kano and many past masters. b) At the same time the rules represent a true guide for the way we must teach, train and educate our students reflecting the true aims and objectives of Judo.

• In short, we aim to create a more level playing field for all Judoka, to experience and enjoy all that Judo has to offer.

FJSAOA & JFASA Tournament Policy_2021