FJSAOA & JFASA Grading Policy_ 29Jun2021


The Freestyle Judo South Africa Organization Alliance (FJSAOA) & Judo For All South Africa (JFASA) under the authority of the World Judo Federation, International Freestyle Judo Alliance, Judo For All UK and Martial Arts South Africa governs the sport in South Africa. Judo as devised by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882 encourages dedication to the sport and the development of technical excellence irrespective of age, colour, race or creed.
This manual is binding on all members in all States, Provinces, Districts and Territories of South Africa.
Grading authorities, examiners and Instructors are advised that the requirements and standards detailed in this manual are the standards required and in no way bind the grading authority, examiner or instructor from stipulating more stringent standards during gradings. Higher standards lead to improved performance and greater understanding of the art of Judo.
It is important to note that applicants attaining the technical requirements of the grading syllabus do not automatically receive promotion. Attainment of the necessary standards is the final stage of the promotion process and only renders the applicant eligible for promotion, pending the final decision of the Instructor, Examiner or Grading Authority.
Promotions can only be awarded by the FJSAOA & JFASA in the manner set out in this manual.
Detailed explanations of grading procedures are set out in this manual.

This manual replaces all previous FJSAOA Grading Requirement manuals.

FJSAOA & JFASA_Grading 29Jun2021