INTRODUCTION: Officiating is a crucial element in the development of judo and in maintaining the integrity of competition judo at levels of events throughout the country. Officiating is challenging, rewarding and above all, great fun. Officiating helps equip people with skills such as confidence and decisiveness that are applicable in everyday life. Whether you want to officiate at your local club or local competitions, run local events, officiate at national events or run national events, there are refereeing roles at all levels where you can put your knowledge and passion for judo to use.

What does Officiating involve? There are range of different roles of officiating in judo which determine what responsibilities an individual may have at a competition:

Timekeeper: Responsible for keeping track of the contest time, scores and penalties awarded to each player.

Contest Recorder: Responsible for recording contest results and calling the players to the mat. Contest recorders can also run very small events.

Senior Recorder: Responsible for placing players into and running pools or compound repecharge and running medium size events.

Competition Controller: Responsible for the running of larger events. They complete the draw, prepare the timetable, and take overall responsibility for all the officials

Registration Official/Weigh-In Official: Person whom is responsible and who is in charge of collecting the registration forms and the money from the players before the tournament begins is called a registration official.

Weigh-In Official : The person who oversees the weigh-in process.

Scorekeeper: The person who is in charge of assigning the players to divisions is called the head scorekeeper, or pairing official. Once the tournament begins, the person who records the progress of the players on special “bracket sheets” as they advance through the elimination system is called the bracket keeper (also known as the draw recorder).

Note: Often, the registration officials, weigh-in officials, and the bracket keeper all report to the Competition Controller.