This page contains the names of the Coaches that assisted, mentoring and give advise in regard to Freestyle Judo training, Freestyle Judo rules, grading, sharing their years of Judo & Jui-Jitsu experiences with Freestyle Judo Ritoru Tatsu Fight Club and Freestyle Judo South Africa Organization Alliance (FJSAA).

The below Coaches and Mentors are all part of the International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA) and promoting Judo as it aught to be.

I just want to thank them for assisting Sensei Alwyn Grobbelaar with advise, coaching, mentoring and so much more,  in regard to the be part of  the alliance between FJSAA to  IFJA, and their clubs and organization (s).

Our  mission off Freestyle Judo Ritoru Tatsu Fight Club & FJSAOA are to promote Freestyle Judo (as it aught to be) within South Africa and its neighboring border countries, and to participate internationally in the organized IFJA tournaments.

To be educate and mentored by Sensei Steve Scott and his team, and all other Sensei’s and their team that share the same idea of Freestyle Judo.

Sensei Steve Scott:

Sensei James and Patty Wall:

Sensei Sophie Cox:

Head Coach, The Judokai

Vincente D’Ingianni, II

Godan (5th Degree Black Belt)


Teaches Judo / JiuJitsu / Wrestling

“the way it ought to be”.