Freestyle Judo South African Organization Alliance

Fight Night N0 5


“We Practice for thousands of days, whether we win or lose is decided in and instant”

Are you up for it, step in and try to Survive !!

Special Notice!

We had to announce that the scheduled Freestyle Judo Fight Night for the Friday, August 02nd, have been postponed to the Friday, August 30th, 2019, due to renovation done to the roof of the Kempton Park Indoor sport Centre in the month of July.


WHEN: August 30th, 2019





Friday, August 30th, 2019

  Freestyle Judo Ritoru Tatsu Fight Club South Africa Dojo

Kempton Park Indoor Centre

Judo/Jiu-Jitsu Dojo top Floor


Kempton Park



Please complete the form below to enter

You will receive a copy of your registration once you submit


Host: Freestyle Judo Ritoru Tatsu Fight Club South Africa

Head Instructor/ Coach Alwyn Grobbelaar

(Yondan 4th Degree Black Belt)


Fight Night tournament (South African time)

Registration and weigh-ins: Friday Evening, August 30, 2019

18:00pm to 18:30pm (all competitors that have not pre-entered)

Rules Explanation:  18:30pm


Tournament Start time:

19:00pm : Competition begins with the age 5-6 years olds first

Mat A:  No-Gi  Tournament (Long Gi pants; T-shirt and/or Body Shirt)

Mat B:   Gi Tournament (Full Gi)


Registration and Entry Fees:

R80.00 p/player per Category

A separate Registration Form and Waiver must be completed in full and signed for each Kachinuki Shiai (Winner Continue) division in which an individual is registering.


All entry forms to be submitted not later than 

Friday, August 02nd, 2019 13:00 pm (1:00pm).

 All Entry Fees to be paid into the following Account:

Ritoru Tatsu Kempton Park Judo Klub
Bank: Absa (Savings Account)
Branch Code: 63200500
Account: 38048871612
Your Reference: Name & Surname Fight Night 1

Proof of payment and entry form to be forwarded before Friday, August 02nd  @ 13:00 (1:00 pm). 

Proof of payment to be mailed to



Important Notice:

Please bring with a copy of your entry from and proof of payment. This is to be presented at the door.


All Throws using the legs are permitted (see an example of Judo Throws using the legs):

The below throws are penalized by IJF Rules, and this is what we lost from Judo

  • Kata Guruma (Standing or Sitting )
  • Sukui-Nagi
  • Kibisu-gaeshi (single leg takedown or Ankle Pick)
  • Kuchiki Taoshi ( single leg takedown)
  • Morote Gari (double leg takedown, No Dive in or Rugby Tackle will be allowed)
  • Te Guruma (Hand Wheel Throw)
  • Tawara Gaeshi (Rice Bale Reversal)




  • Open to all members of Freestyle Judo South Africa Organization Alliance, Freestyle Judo Ritoru Tatsu Fight Club South Africa, Judo Players(JSA / IJF), Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Sambo, Kurash, all martial artists who want to participate in Freestyle Judo Grappling and Associations of other countries.
  • Members not affiliated to FJSAOA and FJRTFCSA must purchase a temporary License of R20.00 on the day of the TOURNAMENT, GUIDELINES, AND RULES Kachinuki Shiai (Winner Continue)
    • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make any changes in the best interest of the tournament and contestants.
    • FJSAOA and FJRTFCSA regulations apply.
    • Weight classes may be combined if an unsuitable number of athletes are registered in a particular weight division.
    • A draw is a modified winner continue
    • All weights are exact weight. No allowance will be given.
    • Females must wear a T-shirt (No V-neck collar), Body Shirt long sleeve (No V-neck collar), under their judogi for the Gi and No-Gi Division (and Gi Pants).
    • Males must wear a T-shirt (No V-neck collar), Body Shirt long sleeve (No V-neck collar) and Gi Pants for the No-Gi Division.


No kansetsu waza or shime waza are allowed in any competition for a novice judoka (Orange Belt and below) and age under 11.




    • Competitors will be divided into the most appropriate weight ranges on the day of the tournament after all participants have weighed in.
    • FJSAOA, FJRTFCSA and IJF regulations apply.
    • Any Participants that bad mouth, making bad remarks, bad behavior will be disqualified and be escorted from the tournament and premises.
  • NO ALCOHOL allowed inside neither the venue nor the premises at All Times.




The following actions and techniques are not allowed and will be penalized by a Hansokumaki (immediate disqualification)

 Head locking with a grip over the neck

 Ankle locking

 Wrist locking

 Knee locking

 Neck cranks

 Scissor’s Throw (Kani Basami in Judo)


Important Notice:

Please bring with a copy of your entry from and proof of payment. This is to be presented at the door.



Fight Night  Age and  Weight Divisions

Boys 5-11 Weight Category

Lightweight     – 24 kg

Middleweight   24–42 kg

Heavyweight     + 42kg


Girls 5-11 Weight Category

Lightweight     – 25 kg

Middleweight   25–40 kg

Heavyweight     + 40kg


Boys 12-16 Weight Category

Lightweight     – 34 kg

Middleweight   34–50 kg

Heavyweight     + 50kg

Girls 12-16 Weight Category

Lightweight     – 36kg

Middleweight   36–52kg

Heavyweight     + 52kg


Men Weight Category

Lightweight     – 68 kg

Middleweight   68–80 kg

Heavyweight     + 80 kg

Ladies Weight Category

Lightweight     – 48 kg

Middleweight   48–66 kg

Heavyweight     + 66 kg