Alwyn Gobbelaar IFJA Letter 8 21 18

The new Freestyle Judo South Africa Alliance Fight Club Organization was formed by Alwyn Grobbelaar current Judo grade Sandan (3rd Degree Black belt), to support and bring back Judo as how it ought to be “ and to bring back the “Golden Age” of Judo competition.

Freestyle Judo is Kodokan Judo played under a different framework. Points are awarded for changes of control like a guard pass as well as throws. Matches can be won by Ippon through throws or submissions but players can also win by accumulating points from throws or groundwork techniques. Pins don’t win (although they do get lots of points); submissions do. Throws that grab the legs are permitted.

Rules shape training. When we train for IJF rules, we include or exclude techniques and strategies based on how they impact the scoring and rules. By changing the rules framework, we expand practice to include more and more options.

Freestyle Judo encourages participation from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestlers, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiasts by providing an open-ended competition format.

Please join us as we explore different dimensions of Judo at Monday & Wednesdays Freestyle Judo classes from:

Little Badgers/Klein Ratels Age 2-6years:

Monday  & Wednesday From:  18:00 to 19:00pm

Age 7 years – up; Beginners & Advance:

Monday  & Wednesday From:  18:00 to 20:00pm